This one-week course will focus on methods for discrete-time modeling and sound synthesis of musical acoustic systems, as well as common techniques for measuring the characteristics of musical instruments. The course will be oriented toward students with an existing background in digital signal processing (DSP). The initial emphasis will be on signal processing methods for efficient synthesis of simple string and wind instruments. Topics covered will include the use of delay lines to simulate wave propagation and digital waveguide techniques to properly account for associated discontinuities or boundary conditions. Measurement techniques to be covered will include approaches to determine admittances or impedances of string and wind instrument bodies, as well as experimental modal analysis and other imaging techniques to visualize the vibrations of systems.


December 9-13, 2019


Room 23

IIT Dharwad

WALMI Campus,

Pune-Bengaluru Road, near High Court,

Dharwad, Karnataka 580011

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09 Dec 2019: Public Seminar

10-13 Dec 2019: Course on Modeling of Music Instruments Course Content:


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Workshop on Audio Signal Processing for Computational Musicology at IIT Bombay (02-06 Dec 2019): https://wasp-cm.github.io/index.html

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